2018 Speaker: Dr. Travis Freeman

Travis spent his early childhood in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, skiing its lakes with his parents on their boat, playing games with his friends, and dreaming of the day he’d play for the Corbin Redhounds.

At 12 years old, Travis became sick with what was eventually diagnosed as Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis (CST). It had settled and taken hold, masquerading for nine days as nothing more than a severe headache. After the surgery that saved his life, Travis lost his eyesight.

After a year of adjusting to life in the dark, Travis joined the football team his eighth grade year as center. Together, they won their conference championship. Travis continued to play all four years of high school. His story made its way to New York and was featured on TODAYDateline, and other national media.

Travis obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky, where he also served its football team as an equipment manager. He went on to earn his Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Travis now resides in Williamsburg, KY with his wife Stephanie, and is an adjunct professor at University of the Cumberlands. He also serves as CEO of the Freeman Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the truth that:


The true life story of Travis is now the inspiration for a major motion picture, 23 BLAST” that hit theatres in October 2014. The film focuses on Travis’s football career playing Center for the Corbin Redhounds–a team that went on to make the playoffs.



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